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Servants of God to this Church and other Missions

This is the story of Dr. Cleon Rogers III.

Born on the 15th of January, 1955 in Birmingham, Alabama. Lived his first ten years in The United States. Then his parents moved to Germany. He grew up as a Missionary Kid, attending a German school. He graduated from a program emphasizing Classical Languages and Studies. Then he returned to the United States to attend College. He obtained a BA from Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham, Alabama in 1977, a Th.D. in 1991 from Dallas Theological Seminary. During this time he was involved in ministries at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas and Richland Bible Fellowship in Richardson, Texas. He then returned in 1991 to Germany to teach at several Bible schools under the auspices of World Reach, Inc., a faith mission located in Birmingham, Alabama.

Married on the 16th of July, 1977 to Kathy Garrison Rogers.
Children Hannah, Cle (Cleon IV), Nathaniel, Micah

  • Abitur Altes Kuerfuerstliches Gymnasium, at Bensheim, Germany in 1974. Major in Humanistic Studies (Latin and Greek); Winner of the Gustav Heinemann Competition, 1974.
  • BA at Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, Alabama in 1977.
  • Th.M. at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas in 1980. Major: Old Testament and Semitic Studies.
  • Th.D. at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas in 1991. Major: Old Testament and Semitic Studies.

During his time at Dallas Theological Seminary he worked as a Grader and Teaching Assistant in the Old Testament, New Testament and Bible Departments. He was also employed by a private household as a household manager. In 1989 he joined World Reach as a missionary to be assigned to Germany. Beginning 1999 he switched to a Mission called Inherit a Blessing.

Church Affiliation
Commissioned by Richland Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. Shades Mountain Independent Church in Birmingham, Alabama and Shades Mountain Bible Church also in Birmingham, Alabama. Presently Pastor of the International Baptist Church Giessen in Giessen, Germany.

His present ministry has three aspects.

1. Teaching
All of the schools have strategic importance in reaching their country for the Lord. They are committed to evangelism and church growth.

  • Neues Leben Seminar, a bible school sponsored by a large, well known evangelistic association in Germany.
  • Bible Seminar Bonn, a bible school sponsored by denominations of ethnic Germans, who once lived in the former Soviet Union.
  • Saint Petersburg Christian University, and Odessa Theological Seminary as well as other schools in the former Soviet Union. These schools invite him to teach in 2-3 week modules.

2. Seminars
The seminars are designed to help primarily the local church leaders, although often other members of the church attend. Often Bible conferences, Pastor Conferences, Camps ect. are included.

3. Writing
Several monthly Christian magazines, Juengerschaft, La Vita, and others have asked for articles. The German equivalent of the Daily Bread features his materials. One article has been accepted for a scholarly journal; other articles are pending. There are other writing projects presently underway.

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