Church News and Updates

Update for Wednesday (April 14th)

Dear Church family and friends,
Tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 7pm we will continue our study of the book of Revelations. If you would like to get involved, please e-mail Pastor Buddy or for an invite-link to the Zoom meeting.


Update for Sunday, April 114th

Dear Church family and friends,
After the excitement and hope of last week’s Easter celebrations, we continue this week through our exploration of the book of Luke. This week though, instead of Pastor Buddy preaching, it is the turn of Ayo, FTH student and member of our congregation.

He will be preaching at Church on Sunday morning (11am in the FTH facilities), but has also already prepared an online sermon for those who cannot attend:

If you would like to see him in action, you are more than welcome to join us on Sunday so long as you are in good health, wearing a FFP2/surgical mask and maintain physical distancing.

Until then, keep safe and be blessed!

Update Wednesday (April 7th)

Dear Church family and friends,
we just wanted to remind you of our Prayer Meeting on Zoom at 7pm this evening. If you would like to join us, please e-mail Pastor Buddy or for a link.
Be blessed!

Update for Easter Sunday (April 4th)

Dear Church family and friends,
While this may be our second Easter under lockdown conditions – this year we are allowed to meet together!
We will not be having our traditional Easter Breakfast with the Easter Egg hunt for the children, but there will be a Resurrection Day service at the usual time of 11am in the FTH buildings. FFP2 or surgical masks will of course need to be worn, and physical distancing maintained.

Pastor Buddy has prepared two videos for this Sunday – the first is an Easter greeting from him and his wife, Kathy:

The second is a sermon for those who feel unable to come to Church because they are ill or for any other reason:

Additionally, we have news from our missionary in The Netherlands, Felix Henrichs.
Among the many things that he has been doing over the last few weeks, he was interviewed by Richard Moore (American missionary planting churches in South Germany) about his work with the seamen he serves at the port of Rotterdam. You can see the interview here:

Happy Easter everyone – His is risen! He is risen indeed!

Update for Good Friday (April 2nd)

Dear Church family and friends,
This Good Friday, Pastor Buddy has prepared a short devotional video. He reflects upon the worst kind of evil taken on for the best kind of good. Jesus, an innocent man, dying on the cross for our freedom from sin and guilt, so that we may live and have a relationship with God

Additionally, a playlist has been collated so that you may dedicate some time to prayer and worship.

After Jesus died, He was taken down from the cross and put into a sealed tomb. A time of waiting started for His disciples and associates. They were waiting for something that we know to be true – his promise and his prophecy would be fulfilled.
Let’s wait together, confident of the celebration that happens on Sunday!

Update for Maundy Thursday (April 1st)

Dear Church family and friends,
Instead of meeting together for our traditional Maundy Thursday evening service, a playlist has been created and a sermon recorded for you to commemorate Jesus’ last evening whilst remaining at home.
During the online sermon, Pastor Buddy and his wife Kathy take communion to remember Jesus’ last supper. Feel free to find some bread and grape juice so that you may join them in this act of remembrance.



If you would like to read more about the events of Maundy Thursday – or Passion Week as a whole – you can find our reading guide through Passion Week here: Passion Week: Welcome to Passion Week 2021!

Tomorrow, we will see the prophecies of Jesus’ life on earth fulfilled. Until then, be blessed and remain hopeful – Easter is coming!

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