Passion Week: Welcome to Passion Week 2021!

Pastor Buddy has put together a series of Bible readings from the Book of Matthew to reflect upon as the week progresses. There are also parallel verses from the other Books of the Gospel for you to read, if you have time. Before you continue, here are some suggestions on how to gain the most from your Bible reading this week.

Helpful Tips for Understanding the Passion Week

1. As you read through the passages, ask yourself the following: What does the passage say about God / Jesus? What does it say about me?  What should I do as a response to what I have read in this passage?

2. Read the passages listed.  They can all be found in the Gospel of Matthew. If it is too much to read at one time, just read one of the paragraphs and come back to the rest later.

3. The parallel passages tell the story from a different standpoint and with a different emphasis.

4. As you read through the passages remember the steps of rejection, capture, conviction, crucifixion and resurrection.

…and now follow Jesus through His last days in the Passion Week:

Saturday: Jesus arrives in Bethany: Dinner at Simon’s house – Mary Anoints Jesus

Palm Sunday: Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem

Monday: Cleansing the Temple

Monday evening: Fig tree withered and Jesus’ authority challenged

Tuesday: Parables of watchfulness to the nation

Tuesday evening: 3 Questions from Jewish Parties

Wednesday: Jesus’ irrefutable question about Christ and the Denunciation of Scribes and Pharisees

Wednesday evening: Widow’s Offering and the Gentiles seek Jesus

Thursday morning: Jesus foretells events to come

Thursday midday: Jesus continues to explain in Parables

Thursday afternoon: Description of the Last Judgment and the chief priests conspire with Judas

Thursday evening: The Last Supper

Thursday night: The last hours of Jesus’ last day – Predictions are proven true

Good Friday morning: Jesus’ Trial, Crucifixion and Burial

Saturday: Sealing of the Tomb

Easter Sunday: Prophecy fulfilled: Jesus’ resurrection and appearances to His disciples