Updates October 2022

Update for Sunday, October 30th

Dear Church family and friends,

As things get busier again, it would be useful to have a few more hours in the day – and this Sunday we reach that day in the year when we are given just that, albeit only one hour. The clocks will go back an hour early on Sunday morning, so whether you choose to get some extra sleep or wake up early and get going we hope that you enjoy the extra time!

The Church service will, of course, take place at 11am at the FTH facilities, with a livestream for those unable to make it. Please e-mail office@ibc-giessen.org for a link to the online service.

After the service, the Christmas choir will start their rehearsals. Interested in taking part, but forgot to get in contact? It’s not too late! Simone looks forward to seeing and singing with you on Sunday at about 12:30.

Something else to look forward to is our next Worship Night this coming Friday (4th November). A time to come together and sing His praises, worship Him and thank Him for all that He gave and gives to us: we look forward to seeing you at the FTH facilities at 7:30pm.

We pray that you are being kept safe from any of the illnesses that are going around at the moment. If you are unwell – we encourage you to stay at home – but we will pray for your quick recovery. Look after yourselves and be blessed!

Update for Wednesday, October 26th

Dear Church family and friends,

This mid-week message has a musical motif!

We would like to invite you to our next Worship Night, which will be held on 4th November at 7:30pm at the FTH facilities. Come and join us as we praise the Lord together in song.

Also, we would like to reminder you that we will be having a Christmas Cantata again this year – and we need singers to make it happen! It doesn’t matter if you can read music, or have had any choir experience; you just need to be able to commit to rehearsals after Church on Sundays, starting this Sunday, the 30th October. For more information please contact Simone (Simone.Mueller@bot2.bio.uni-giessen.de).

Have a blessed rest of the week!

Update for Sunday, October 23rd

Dear Church family and friends,

In our last announcement we highlighted several events that we’ll be having at Church in the run up to Christmas. On one side, it still feels very early to be talking about Christmas; on the other, we are at the end of October and the children are now off school for a week – so Christmas and the end of the year seem worryingly close! Maybe you are looking at your already over full schedule, or your metres-long to-do list and are wondering how you are going to manage. Before you become overwhelmed though, we invite you to take a moment, pause, and rest.

Church can be a place full of activity, but it’s also a place to meet with God and others to get the energy, comfort and support that we need to keep on going in our day-to-day lives. So take some time to visit us this Sunday at 11am – either online or at the FTH facilities – and re-focus on what’s really important. Should you need a link for the livestream, all you need to do is write a quick e-mail to office@ibc-giessen.org

We hope that the children and parents among us have an enjoyable week away from school. For everyone else, we pray that this week does not overwhelm you, and that you find some time to stop and reflect on the goodness of God.  
Be blessed!

Update for Sunday, October 16th

Dear Church family and friends,

Grab your diaries and calendars – as IBC Giessen starts its run up to Christmas, there are a few dates to take note of:

Firstly, the Christmas Cantata is back and needs some singers! If you are interested in joining them for a performance in December, or if you would generally like more information, please contact Simone M. (Simone.Mueller@bot2.bio.uni-giessen.de). Rehearsals start after the service on 30th October.

Remaining on a musical theme – on Sunday 13th November, we are doing something a little different during our worship service by having a concert given by Teresa Walters.

Another returning event is the Women’s Christmas Brunch, which will be held on its traditional spot of the Saturday before 1st Advent (26th November).  We would love to see as many ladies there as possible – as well as lots of food! If you’d like to attend, we ask that you write to office@ibc-giessen.org.

This Sunday (16th October) though, it’s business as usual with Pastor Buddy returning to the pulpit. We are also looking forward to meeting lots of first year students from the different universities in Giessen – including the FTH. So, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning at 11am at the FTH facilities. In case you cannot physically attend, you are more than welcome to be part of our online congregation; just write to office@ibc-giessen.org for a link.

There’s some wonderful things coming up – we look forward to sharing these events with you!

Update for Sunday, October 9th

Dear Church family and friends,

In a way, autumn isn’t so different from spring: they both have a palette of colours that only the Creator Himself could mix up. Spring’s burst of colour brings us hope – shouldn’t autumn’s do the same? Perhaps that’s why some people get a sense of renewal or beginning in autumn; or maybe it has something to do with the engrained habit of starting a new school, college or university year…

There’s something afoot in IBC Giessen this Sunday. As we announced last week, Johannes has started his new role in the Church, but this week he and his wife Anne will be officially welcomed. Not only that, but he will also be bringing us the Word of God. 

Sadly, we will also be bidding farewell to two families as well this week. Andi has finished his master’s degree and he and his family will be returning to their home church, where he we will take the position of Pastor. Ben and his family, however, have already moved but will return for one last Sunday. He too has taken a Pastor’s position at a Church. Valuable teachers in the children’s and teen’s groups, with Andi also taking over as treasurer, we will miss their contributions not only to those ministries but the love and encouragement they give to our Church family as a whole.

We will be saying these “hellos” and “see you laters” on Sunday morning at 11am at the FTH facilities. If you are ill or otherwise unable to join us, we have a livestream that you can watch. To access the livestream, please e-mail office@ibc-giessen.org for a link.

Be blessed this week! Enjoy the more bearable temperatures of autumn – get out and marvel at His creation!

Update for Sunday, October 2nd

Dear Church family and friends,

The weekly announcements are back – and we bring news with us!

While he is a known name and face in our Church, we are delighted this week to welcome Johannes A. back into the family as part-time assistant pastor. He has already been organising the summer services and will be taking on more tasks as time goes on, helping us to grow and develop as a family in and of God. Let’s pray for him and his wife, Anne, as Johannes starts this new chapter!

Another returnee will be bringing us the Word of God during this Sunday’s sermon; Harri and his family have been back in Germany for a while now, and this will be his first time preaching since their move back. To listen to what he has to say, we would love to see you at the FTH facilities at 11am on Sunday morning, or via the livestream at the same time. Please e-mail office@ibc-giessen.org should you need a link to the livestream.

In case you didn’t know already, there’s another Bank Holiday just around the corner. On Monday (3rd October) all shops, schools and offices will be closed to celebrate the reunification of Germany. We hope you enjoy this last long weekend of the year!  Be blessed!

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