Updates September 2022

Update for Sunday, September 11th

Dear Church family and friends,

For months we have watched buildings being torn down and new ones being built in the FTH premises; waiting and wondering whether it’s our turn to move in. Well, now it is! This Sunday we will be meeting in the new building to the right of the grounds – next door to the “old” building. We will be meeting in a new, slightly larger sanctuary on the ground floor, making it accessible to all.

Of course, with any change there may be some teething problems, especially in regards to technology. We do still hope to livestream our services, but we might need to experiment with new solutions and procedures to get the best audio for both online viewers and those in the congregation. Please be patient with us! For a link to the (11th September) livestream, please write to office@ibc-giessen.org

Completely un-related to this transition, these weekly announcements will be taking a break for a couple of weeks. There’s nothing to worry about – the writers just need a rest! We do not expect there to be any changes in the date or times of the service; they are always on Sunday morning at 11am.
For links for the next two Sundays’ livestreams (18th and 25th), or if you have any other questions, please contact Johannes.

Until the next announcement – scheduled for the first service in October – lend a listening ear to the three guest speakers (Daniel, Felix and Lucas respectively), be kind to one another, stay safe and be blessed!

Update for Sunday, September 4th

Dear Church family and friends,

When a month starts on a Monday, the following Sundays in that month are divisible by seven. The upside to this is that it makes talking about and organising events at Church a little easier; the downside is that it seems to make the month go by quickly. For the month of August, which has just finished, this is particularly sad for the school children and teachers among us, as it means that their summer holidays have flown by too. We pray that you have had a good rest, embraced the change of schedule and made some brilliant memories in this time.

While September has started, it isn’t actually autumn until the 23rd – so there are a few weeks of summer sunshine still to go! Not only that, but our Summer Guest Speaker series continues with Johannes this week. Make sure to join us at 11am on Sunday either at the FTH facilities or on the livestream to hear what he has to say. You can get a link to the livestream by writing to office@ibc-giessen.org

As the new school year starts on Monday, we pray for all those involved in educating, mentoring, maintaining school buildings – and those who are learning! May your school year be less complicated than the last one; and may God give you enough strength and determination to keep going in tough situations.

Be blessed!

Older information and online sermons are available in our archive: Update Archive