Updates from November 2020

Update for Sunday, November 29th – 1. Advent Sunday

Dear Church family and friends,
Christmas will look different for many this year – but the reason why we celebrate remains the same: the Saviour is born, God’s promises are true!
Before we get to Christmas, though, we reflect upon the season of Advent. It is a time of preparation, a time of waiting and hoping. In the four Sundays leading up to Christmas Eve, we light candles to remind us of the messages that Christ’s birth brings and how we should react.
The lighting of the first candle can be found here:

The first candle will also be lit on Sunday at 11am, as part of our Church service at the FTH.
If you would like to join us, please remember to bring and wear your mask for the entirety of the service. Physical distancing rules must also be observed. Unfortunately, we are still not able to sing as a congregation.

Pastor Buddy has already recorded a sermon for those who are unwell, or otherwise unable to attend:

We wish you a peaceful First Advent Sunday!

Update for Sunday, November 22nd

Dear Church family and friends,
During our Thanksgiving Potluck we are given the opportunity to share what God has done for us with others. While we may not be having the potluck this year, we can still take the time to reflect on the good of this year, the things we have learned and the small (or big) moments when God has met with us. Maybe you could get in contact with someone and encourge them with your thankfulness. As we go through the final weeks of this year, it may become more obvious just how unusual 2020 has been – but let us not forget how God has led us and blessed us throughout the year.

Perhaps you have something to share at Church this Sunday. The service will take place at 11am at the FTH facilities, and you will have to maintain physical distancing as well as wear a mask at all times, in order to attend.

If you cannot attend because you are ill or for any other reason, we look forward to seeing you when the circumstances are right for you. Until then, Pastor Buddy has recorded another sermon:

We’re wishing you a blessed weekend!

Update for Sunday, November 15th

Dear Church family and friends,
It’s getting darker sooner: the evening seems to start at 4pm … but our Church services continue to take place at 11am on Sundays!

As it is also the season where colds and “usual” bugs are more common, we would encourage anyone who feels under the weather not to join us. Please stay at home and listen to Pastor Buddy’s pre-recorded sermon:

If you are joining us, please remember to wear your mask at all times and remain physically distant to others in the congregation. Unfortunately, we are still unable to sing together as a congregation.

Stay warm, stay safe, and we’ll see you on Sunday!

Update for Sunday, November 8th

Dear Church family and friends,
The first week of the second lockdown is nearly over – it will be Sunday soon!

Fortunately, we are still able to meet at the FTH as a congregation, although physically distant to one another and wearing masks at all times. Singing is not allowed.
These rules are for our health and safety, so that we may meet “properly” in the future.

For those staying at home because they are ill, or do not feel comfortable worshipping as group in the current circumstances, Pastor Buddy has already prepared a sermon for you:

Be blessed!

Update for Sunday, November 1st

Dear Church family and friends,
Perhaps the news this week of a renewed lockdown has left you anxious, confused or uncertain. These are all valid feelings, and we as a Church will pray that they do not become overwhelming, and that they do not disrupt our focus on our faithful, certain God.

We are, however, still allowed to have Church services. These will continue to take place at 11am on Sunday mornings in the one-storey building to the right of the FTH campus. For our own safety, as well as that of others, we must wear masks throughout the service and maintain physical distancing. There will be no congregational singing.

If you are ill, please do not attend the service. While you are recuperating at home, you can watch and listen to the sermon that Pastor Buddy has already prepared:

If you do not feel comfortable wearing a mask during the service, we understand that too, and we will look forward to seeing you once that restriction has been lifted.
Otherwise, we look forward to seeing those who are able to attend, tomorrow!

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