Updates from December 2020

Update for Sunday, December 27th

Dear Church family and friends,
We have made it to the last Sunday of a very turbulent year. While we may not know what 2021 will hold, we can hold on to the One who does. We can have hope.
Pastor Buddy’s online sermon reflects on that hope:

As we will not be meeting together this Sunday (27th), we’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy, peaceful and blessed New Year!

Update for Christmas Eve, December 24th

Dear Church family and friends,
As there will be no Christmas Eve service taking place at the FTH buildings this evening, a complete service has been put together and made available online, so that we may still celebrate this special occasion. It has the Christmas story as presented in the Bible, music, a children’s section and a sermonette. It is very similar to the one that we would traditionally celebrate, had we been able to meet together:

Pastor Buddy and Kathy have also recorded a separate Christmas greeting:

Lastly, something a little fun. If you have ever heard our Pastor mention Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and have wondered what it’s about: here’s your chance! Initially recorded for his grandchildren to enjoy, Pastor Buddy has decided to also share his reading of the book with us.

Whatever you are doing, and wherever you are at this time – we wish you a Merry Christmas!

Update for Sunday, December 20th – 4. Advent Sunday

Dear Church family and friends,
Christmas may not be as we imagined it, or hoped that it would be, this year. But there is still joy. All we need to do is look to the manger. The fourth candle on our advent wreath represents true joy, and the reading reminds us of what true joy really means:

Our last live Church service of the year will take place on Sunday at 11am, at the FTH facilities. We will need to continue to maintain physical distancing, as well as wear a mask at all times. Please do not attend if you do not feel well. Pastor Buddy has already prepared an online sermon, in case you are not able to make it this Sunday:

We will not be meeting together on Christmas Eve or on Sunday 27th December 2020. Instead, we will be posting links to an online service and pre-recorded sermon for those days.
Have a blessed 4th Advent Sunday!

Update for Sunday, December 13th – 3. Advent Sunday

Dear Church family and friends,
As we continue our journey through Advent, we arrive at the reason why we celebrate Christmas at all – love. If you would like to hear more about the love that God shows us at Christmas, please watch the lighting of the 3rd Candle:

Pastor Buddy has also prepared and uploaded sermon which looks further into the hope that Jesus’ life, birth and death gives us. Follow this link to listen:

There will be a service on Sunday, at the usual time of 11am. We still need to maintain physical distancing and wear a mask throughout the service.

Have a blessed 3rd Advent Sunday!

Update for Sunday, December 6th – 2. Advent Sunday

Dear Church family and friends,

At times this year, we may have been tempted to lose hope. Advent, however, reminds us what we have hope in: Jesus and God’s promises regarding His birth, life and death. Please do take the time to reflect on this hope as you watch the lighting of the second advent candle:

With hope should come peace, which is the topic of Pastor Buddy’s pre-recorded sermon:

There will be a live service on Sunday, at the usual time of 11am, in the FTH buildings. Masks must still be worn throughout, and physical distancing must be maintained at all times. If you do not feel well, we ask you not to attend and to recover at home – we will look forward to seeing you again when you are healthy.

Be blessed and see you on Sunday!

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