Updates from February 2021

Update for Sunday, February 28th

Dear Church family and friends,
As soon as winter arrived, it went, and now spring is making a slow but sure appearance. The sun will shine and the flowers will bloom: God is making, and will continue to make, all things new. Let us continue to have patience with one another and the situation in which we find ourselves at this time – He is in control.

Those waiting patiently at home, either because they are sick or for other reasons, can still be a part of the congregation at IBC Gießen by listening to the sermon that Pastor Buddy has already recorded. So, find your Bibles and click this link:

Otherwise, you can attend our Church service at the FTH facilities on Sunday at 11am. While some restrictions in other areas are changing, those regarding face-masks (FFP2/surgical masks only) and physical distancing within the service still apply.

Enjoy this last weekend of February – and see you on Sunday!

Update for Sunday, February 21st

Dear Church family and friends,
After Church last week, we held our Business Meeting via Zoom and reflected upon God’s goodness in our Church body during these strange times. We also discussed potential ways of accommodating more people in our services safely and legally, as well as re-introducing an adapted version of other Church activities. We will of course keep you informed through the website and our Facebook pages if and when any changes occur – watch this space!

For this Sunday, 21st February 2021, we will be meeting at 11am at the FTH facilities. There will be a sign pointing you to the room that we meet in – but physical distancing and mask-wearing rules (FFP2/medical masks only) still apply, regardless.

The pre-recorded sermon from Pastor Buddy can be found here:

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Update for Sunday, February 14th

Dear Church family and friends,
Winter arrived in full force this week, didn’t it? Apologies that the service last week was cancelled at such short notice; we hope that you managed to stay safe and warm – and maybe even had the chance during the week to enjoy the changes in landscape.
We will keep you informed if any further services need to be cancelled.
This week’s Church service will be going ahead on Sunday at the usual time of 11am and at the same place, the sanctuary at the FTH Gießen. Of course, we will have to wear FFP2 or medical/surgery masks and maintain physical distancing.

If you are unable to attend the service, or are ill, Pastor Buddy has prepared a sermon for you to listen to:

Directly after the service, at 2pm, we will be having a Church Business Meeting on Zoom. In a change to what was previously announced: only members of the Church will be admitted to the meeting. Had our Church Meeting been held in normal circumstances, all would have been able to attend, but only the members would have been allowed to vote – as stated in our Church constitution. On Zoom, however, a voting ballot would be given to every one participating in the meeting, regardless of whether they are a member or not. For this reason, we continue to ask you to register – as we will not be putting the link to the meeting online – but only if you are a member.
Couples taking part in the Church Meeting should be aware that it is not possible to vote as two individuals in one participating connection to the meeting. You have the option of discussing and coming to an agreement between yourselves as to how to vote (a joint vote); or by individually registering and joining the meeting, perhaps on different devices (both vote separately).
An agenda is available at request (it will not be published online). If you would like an agenda, would like to become a member, register for the meeting, or would like to ask a question, please write to Pastor Buddy or this e-mail address: meeting@ibc-giessen.org.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Sunday, February 7th

Dear Church family and friends,
This morning’s Church service has been cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions.

You are, of course, not completely without IBC Gießen this Sunday – you can listen to Pastor Buddy’s pre-recorded sermon for those who have not been attending Church in light of the pandemic, here:

Stay safe, keep warm, and be blessed!

Update for Sunday, February 7th

Dear Church family and friends,
It is about one week until St. Valentine’s Day – and our Church Business Meeting. We will be meeting on Zoom at 2pm on Sunday 14th February 2021. In order to attend the meeting, you must register by sending an e-mail either to Pastor Buddy or meeting@ibc-giessen.org. These are also the e-mail addresses to write to should you have any questions, or items that you would like to discuss in the meeting.

Currently, we plan on having a service on Sunday 7th February at 11am in the sanctuary at the FTH – following all the government guidelines necessary (FFP2 masks only and social distancing). However, heavy snow is predicted for Saturday into Sunday, meaning that travelling could be dangerous. If the service is cancelled, we will post an announcement as early as we possibly can on our both our website and Facebook page.

In the meantime, Pastor Buddy’s sermon, “Chaotic Worship on the Sabbath” can be found online:

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Older information and online sermons are available here:
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