Updates from June 2021

Update for Wednesday, June 30th

Dear Church family and friends,

In our penultimate mid-week Bible Study this side of the summer break, we will look into the first two chapters of the book of Ruth and find out what God has to say to us through them.
The study will be held via Zoom tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 7pm and you will need to register with Ayo or office@ibc-giessen.org for a link.

We hope that you are having a great week and look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow!

Update for Sunday, June 27th

Dear Church family and friends,

Starting this Sunday, we will have a summer of guest preachers during our services. This will mean a slight change in our normal programme as some will preach in German, and some may not be able to produce an online sermon.

For example: our first guest preacher, Benjamin, has been able to record an online sermon for those unable to attend on Sunday – however, it is in German:

On Sunday though, he will be preaching this sermon again with an English translator.

So, if you are fit and well, able to wear a FFP2/surgical mask, and can maintain physical distancing, we would be happy to welcome you to our service at 11am at the FTH facilities.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Update for Wednesday, June 24th

Dear Church family and friends,

Before going on its summer break, our mid-week Bible Study will divert its focus from the Book of Revelation and instead turn to the Book of Ruth. Tomorrow evening at 7pm, Ayo will lead us in a short introduction to the book, before delving further in the following two weeks.

If you would like to join us, please e-mail Ayo or write to office@ibc-giessen.org to get a link to the Zoom meeting – you will be admitted around ten minutes before the meeting is due to begin.

Be blessed!

Update for Sunday, June 20th

Dear Church family and friends,

Have you ever noticed how in winter most of us look forward to the snow and in the summer – after a period of time – we look forward to a thunder storm and some rain? Even for the biggest fan of the heat and sunshine there is such a thing as too hot.
While snow might help things look prettier and increase the winter-y cosy atmosphere, a thunderstorm and rain can release the pressure on the atmosphere and make the air seem more breathable. Similar could be said of some relationships: everything seems fine, but the pressure grows and then there’s a storm. This is the starting point of Pastor Buddy’s sermon this week on “The Other Brother” from Luke 15:

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the sunny, dry weather and use it to our advantage. We’ll continue to meet outside for our Church service on Sunday (tomorrow) at 11am where we may sing together so long as we wear our medical/FFP2 masks. Should the weather take a turn for the worse we will retreat indoors. Whatever happens, we will all need to continue to maintain physical distancing measures.

Be blessed and stay safe!

Update for Wednesday, June 16th

Dear Church family and friends,

Sitting behind a computer screen doesn’t sound so appealing when the weather is like it is – but we would love it if you could do so for an hour or so tomorrow evening for our mid-week Bible Study and Prayer Meeting via Zoom! The meeting will start at 7pm and you get a link to it by writing an e-mail to Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Update for Sunday, June 13th

Dear Church family and friends,

With summer slowly rolling in we seem to be able to return to some sort of “normal” life. While we welcome the change, we may also feel quite overwhelmed by it. Take care of yourselves and each other in these times – no-one should feel pressured to do everything all at once just because it now seems possible to do so. Our offer remains: if you need help practically, or someone who will listen to you and your concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

This week, Pastor Buddy’s sermon series comes to the end of Luke 15 with an exposition on the last of the “lost” parables – that of the son:

If you would like to listen to this live, you are able to by joining us at 11am at the FTH facilities on Sunday morning. As it is supposed to be hot, we will be meeting outside so that we may sing together. The congregation will still need to wear a medical or FFP2 mask and maintain physical distancing.

Keep cool and enjoy the sunshine safely – have a blessed week!

Update for Wednesday, June 9th

Dear Church family and friends,

Our mid-week Bible Study via Zoom is upon us again! Tomorrow’s meeting will start at the usual time of 7pm, and will continue our exploration of the book of Revelation. To take part, please e-mail Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org and a link will be sent to you about ten minutes before the scheduled start time.

We look forward to seeing you and praying with and for you, tomorrow!

Update for Sunday, June 6th

Dear Church family and friends,

After months of writing the same reminder about meeting up there’s finally a small, yet brilliant, change: the congregation may sing again!
In order to do this though, we must be outside and all be wearing a mask (FFP2 or surgical mask).

So that we can make use of this opportunity, throughout the summer we will be meeting outside as often as possible – weather permitting of course. Therefore, from this Sunday (6th June) we will meet at the usual time (11am) at the FTH facilities – but not in a building! It might be that we move inside if the weather takes a turn for the worse. All the while, we will need to continue maintaining physical distance to one another.

We realise though, that there still may be those who are not comfortable wearing a mask, or staying outside for longer periods of time – so Pastor Buddy’s series of recorded sermons will continue. This week, he talks about the parable of the lost coin:

We look forward to seeing you – and hearing you in fine voice – on Sunday!

Update for Wednesday, June 2nd

Dear Church family and friends,

As the restrictions start to be lifted – and the weather begins to get warmer – there will be some changes in where and how we meet in the coming weeks. Please don’t forget to keep checking the website or our facebook page for more information!

For now though, we’d like to remind you of our Bible Study and Prayer Meeting via Zoom, looking at the Book of Revelation. It takes place tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7pm and you will need an invitation link to attend. To get hold of a link, you will need to e-mail Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org and you will be sent one about 10 minutes before the meeting starts. We look forward to seeing you!

Have a blessed rest of the week – and enjoy the Bank Holiday on Thursday!

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