Updates from September 2021

Update for Wednesday, September 29th

Dear Church family and friends,

Meeting indoors in our old sanctuary above library and the return of Children’s Church– it’s beginning to feel like old times! Unfortunately we also experienced some technical difficulties, and some of our members who wanted to join via Zoom were not able to.

So that no-one misses out, Pastor Buddy has recorded the sermon that he gave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O1anVNPrjU

There is another opportunity to join us during the week, of course. Tomorrow we will hold our mid-week Bible Study at 7pm – and have faith that everyone can join the Zoom meeting! To participate, please e-mail Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org for an invite.

Have a blessed week!

Update for Sunday, September 26th

Dear Church family and friends,

Constant change is becoming part of everyday life in this post-lockdown world, and if it does not come from COVID regulations, it comes from other sources.

Previously, we have announced that we would like to hold services outside for as long as possible, but that window of opportunity has closed much quicker than we anticipated. Those who have been attending our services in-person will have noticed that the FTH have been progressing with their building plans – most of a new building is already standing! They are, however, at a stage where they would like to do some work on the space outside where we have been holding our Sunday services. This means that we will be meeting indoors from now on.

Further to the 3G rules for meeting indoors which we have also mentioned in previous updates, there are certain rules that must be adhered to: physical distancing continues, as does the wearing of FFP2 or medical masks when moving around the building – once seated though, the mask may be removed. A returning rule is that the mask must then be put back on to join in with congregational singing.

What remains the same is our offer of joining in via our livestream in case you are ill, away, or do not feel comfortable with the rules or meeting indoors. You can access the Zoom livestream by e-mailing office@ibc-giessen.org. The service, whether virtual or face-to-face, starts at 11am.

What with upcoming elections – we encourage you to use your right to vote if you are eligible – and several other concerning items in the daily headlines, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by what is going on in the world. It is easy to say that God is in control, but sometimes it is hard to see or feel it. Grasp onto that knowledge though, and reach out for help if you need it. Being a Church means that we not only rejoice together when things are going well, but that we support and help one another too. If that applies to you, please don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Stay safe and be kind to one another – maybe you will be a blessing to someone this week.
See you on Sunday!

Update for Wednesday, September 22nd

Dear Church family and friends,

It’s time for another mid-week Bible Study reminder – but this time with a difference!

Instead of posting a link to Ecki’s sermon from Sunday, we’d like to share with you a “Catch-Up” which includes the video he mentioned before preaching: http://www.ibc-giessen.org/catch-up/

The details for Wednesday’s Bible Study remain the same, though. We’ll meet at 7pm via Zoom and will continue our study through the book of Revelation, this time looking at chapter 8. To participate, please e-mail Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.de for a link.

We pray that your week has got off to a good start and if it hasn’t, then God will provide a turnaround!

Update for Sunday, September 19th

Dear Church family and friends,

It’s all systems go this Sunday at IBC Gießen!

The long-awaited return of Children’s Church is finally here. There may be a different curriculum, but the children can expect the same fun and learning that they always had! All activities will take place inside, where precautions have already been taken for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. If you have any further questions regarding Children’s Church and its organisation given the current climate, don’t be afraid to get in contact with Pastor Buddy or e-mail office@ibc-giessen.org .

We will also be welcoming a friend of IBC Gießen’s back to Church this Sunday – Ecki G. will be bringing us the Word of God. He will also be updating us on what he has been up to since leaving our congregation.  To learn more about him: Catch up!

As previously announced, services held inside can only happen if we follow the 3G rule (Getest, Geimpt, Genesen/Tested, Vaccinated, Recovered). The plan is to meet outside for as long as possible, however, the weather sometimes has a mind of its own and can change at any second – especially now autumn is slowly rolling in. So be prepared for both possibilities just in case.

If that all seems a bit much, and the uncertainty of the 3G rule leaves you feeling uncomfortable, then you are more than welcome to join us on our live stream via Zoom. To do so, you will need a link to the meeting, which you can get by e-mailing office@ibc-giessen.org .

We look forward to seeing you Sunday. Have a good rest of the week!

Update for Wednesday, September 15th

Dear Church family and friends,

Following last week’s discussion regarding how our mid-week Bible Study continues, it has been decided that we will meet online for the foreseeable future. If you would like to get involved with this group, please contact Pastor Buddy or e-mail office@ibc-giessen.org.

While we wait for the next Bible Study, service – or for the kids: Children’s Church (4 days to go!) – you can listen to the sermon from last Sunday here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22gVM0dDKQo

Have a blessed and safe week!

Update for Sunday, September 12th

Dear Church family and friends,

Over recent weeks you may have become familiar with “3G rule” – being either vaccinated (Geimpft), recovered (Genesen) or tested negative for coronavirus (Getestet), to be allowed entry to an event or gathering. It has now been decided by the government that this should also be the case for Church services if they meet inside.

We are aware that this new guideline may cause further issues and may lead to people feeling excluded – so we will continue to meet outside, weather permitting. Certainly this is the plan for this coming Sunday (12th). 

Another plan that we have for this Sunday is to celebrate communion together: something that we haven’t done for a while! We are looking forward to partaking in this important reminder of what Jesus has done for us, but in order to do so in a hygienic way, we do encourage you to bring your own elements with you (grape juice and bread).

For those that welcome these changes, we’ll see you in person at 11am at the FTH! If, though, it all still seems rather unsafe for you and you feel insecure about returning to Church under the current conditions, we can understand that too. Similarly, if you are feeling unwell, we do ask you to remain at home and are praying for you as you recover. Whatever your reason for not being able to make it physically to Church on Sunday, we invite you to join us on our online livestream via Zoom. For a link, please e-mail office@ibc-giessen.org.

Lastly, a note to the Mums, Dads and children of our Church: the countdown is on for the return of Children’s Church – one week to go!

Have a blessed weekend – we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Update for Wednesday, September 8th

Dear Church family and friends,

This weekend’s burst of summer has seen a lot of people either enjoying a weekend away, or spending some quality time outdoors – just making the most of the opportunity! In case that’s you, and you missed our service on Sunday, then you can listen to Pastor Buddy’s sermon here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGb3qyY1yGI

Please also take the time to listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0dIWJ4t4Jg

Wednesday evening will see the return of our mid-week Bible Study. This week we will meet at 7pm on Zoom and look at the sixth chapter of the Book of Revelation. We would also like to take the time to consider how our Bible Study continues in light of the changes in corona restrictions.
To join us on Wednesday evening, please e-mail Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org for a link.

Have a blessed week!

Update for Sunday, September 5th

Dear Church family and friends,
Sometimes it would be nice if life came with some easy instructions, wouldn’t it? A fail-safe guide to doing everything, including dealing with others and maintaining relationships, could come in useful every now and again. Pastor Buddy’s sermon this Sunday is just that in regards to keeping up with our relationship with God through prayer, and the basics of it, as can be seen in Psalm 123.

To find out more, it’s as easy as going to Church on Sunday. As always, we will meet at 11am at the FTH facilities – but a decision has not yet been made as to whether we are meeting indoors or outside. Regardless of where we meet, you will need to bring a mask and maintain social distancing.

We are going to continue livestreaming for those who do not yet feel comfortable returning to worship in a group, or perhaps are not able to make it to Gießen. Should this apply to you, please e-mail office@ibc-giessen.org for a link, and please remember to mute your microphone during the service.

Until then, enjoy the beautiful late summer weather! Be blessed!

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