Updates from November 2021

Update for Sunday, November 28th

Dear Church family and friends,

“Deck the hall with boughs of holly…
‘Tis the season to jolly…”

Before any main event, there’s always a period of preparation. That is precisely what Advent is: we wait and prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ, the new-born King! Like others we may decorate, bake, buy presents and cards, but as believers we should also be getting ready by reflecting on the promise given by God, and our relationship to Him.

Contemplation is at the centre of one of the traditions that we like to observe – the lighting of the Advent wreath. Sunday by Sunday leading up to Christmas, we light another candle. All of these candles have a theme for consideration, all of which are important to the celebration’s true meaning. To see the first candle being lit, please join us at Church either in the FTH facilities or via the livestream at our usual time of 11am.

There has been a slight change in the rules for meeting together, in that we must now wear medical or FFP2 masks for the entire service. Beyond that, everything else remains the same: keep physically distant and sign in on arrival. If you are ill or uncomfortable wearing a mask for an extended period of time we kindly ask you to stay away – but take part online! To get a link to the livestream, please e-mail office@ibc-giessen.org
A video re-telling of the Nativity will also be played during our service. We are aware that the image of its projection onto the wall may not be quite as clear via the livestream as it would be for those in the building. Those watching at home or those wishing to watch it again can view the clip here: https://assets3.ignitermedia.com/b1dc1f2a36c371681763f74e19534b0b.mp4

While Advent is the run up to Christmas, it is also the beginning of the new Church year – thus proving that it is neither too late nor too early for a fresh start! Starting something new is what Rickey S. has been doing with the missionary organisation YoungLife. To read more about his work, and how you can pray and support him, check out the instalment in our Catch Up! series http://www.ibc-giessen.org/catch-up/

In this time of busy-ness we hope and pray that you find some moments of peace and calm. Have a blessed week!

Update for Wednesday, November 24th

Dear Church family and friends,

It is always special to welcome back well known faces – and that’s precisely what we did on Sunday: one of our missionaries, Harri M., came to update us on his work in the Solomon Islands, as well as bring us the Word of God. Unfortunately, there is no link to a recorded version of Harri’s sermon to share with you this week, but Harri and his family are now back in Germany to stay so it may well be that we see them again soon!

A link for Wednesday evening’s Zoom Bible Study can be acquired by e-mailing either Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org  . The meeting will start at 7pm, and we will read through and study the next chapter of Revelation as well as pray for each other.  

With Advent and Christmas just around the corner, keep your eyes peeled for more updates and announcements for what we have planned during this season!

Have a brilliant, blessed, week!

Update for Sunday, November 21st

Dear Church family and friends,

Please forgive the late notice: like many others we have been trying to work out what the government’s rules and restrictions for curbing the coronavirus mean for us – and we are thankful to say that we may meet as we have been in the last months!

Masks on when finding your place and singing, maintaining physical distancing and signing in on arrival are all you need to be aware of for our Church service this Sunday at 11am. We know that the news of increasing case numbers might make people feel more insecure about meeting as a congregation and can understand this concern. If you feel more comfortable in doing so, you are more than welcome to make use of our Zoom livestream. Please get in touch via office@ibc-giessen.org if you require the link – and make sure your microphone is muted.

Another Church year is coming to a close – it’s the First Advent Sunday, the beginning of the Church year, next week – and with it we miss another Thanksgiving Pot-Luck. It would be wrong to say that the ongoing situation is pleasant and what we all hoped for, but it is equally as wrong to say that we have no reason to be thankful in spite of its continuation. As a Church, we have grown in number and learnt to use new formats and ideas so that we can remain in touch with each other as a Church family. It goes without saying that it has been difficult for everyone, however, that does not mean that God has not been with us throughout.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as we can on Sunday. If not, then we hope you enjoy the livestream. Don’t forget that we are a Church family, so if the new rules do affect you, and you are in need of help, do not feel afraid or ashamed to ask.

God bless, and a have a good week!

Update for Wednesday, November 17th

Dear Church family and friends,

Chilly outside, isn’t it?
Luckily, you don’t have to go leave the house to be part of our Wednesday evening Bible Study! The meeting happens via Zoom at 7pm – all you need to do is e-mail Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org for an invite.

Until then, perhaps you would like to listen to Pastor Buddy’s sermon from Sunday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2rQR1HkUbY

We’re praying that you are having a warm, safe and healthy week!

Update for Sunday, November 14th

Dear Church family and friends,

It is that time of year again. The time when we ask ourselves “how are nearly at the end of the year again?”, or, “how has the upcoming Advent and Christmas season crept up on us, again?”. Given that we have spent around half of this year under lockdown, perhaps these questions have more relevance than ever before – such a different way of living can certainly affect our sense of time.

While reading the opening sentence, maybe your attention was caught by the use of the word “again”. Certainly this week you may have asked yourself “again?” when reading or listening to the news, and the government’s plans on tackling the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions have been strengthened, rumours and proposals are floating around and it just feels a little like a repetition of all that has been before, but not in a comforting way.

As far as our service on Sunday goes we understand that everything remains the same – including the start time of 11am! You must wear a mask while moving around the building, finding your seat, and while singing. We will continue to keep a sign-in sheet for you to write your name down on arrival, and we ask that you maintain physical distancing at all times.

If, however, you are unsure about being part of our congregation, you can join us on our Zoom livestream. To attend in this way, you can e-mail Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org for a link – and please remember to keep your microphone muted!    

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday – no matter how you decide to participate!

Update for Wednesday, November 10th

Dear Church family and friends,

It cannot have escaped your notice that on Monday new measures to tackle the coronavirus crisis were outlined by the government. Many are now trying to re-organise and figure out how planned events may continue to take place. We will keep you informed if we have to make any changes as to how we meet together on a Sunday – so keep an eye on facebook, here on the website, and your e-mail inbox in the coming days.  

Something that can definitely go ahead is our virtual Bible Study via Zoom. On Wednesdays at 7pm, we have been studying the book of Revelation and supporting each other in prayer. To be part of the group, please e-mail Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org for a link.

Our sermon from Sunday is also available to listen to in case you missed it, or would like to re-fresh your memory of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qmjm2U9BSc

Please keep safe – and calm – as restrictions and rules change. We pray that you can find creative solutions to any issues arising, and are not too disappointed if plans do not turn out as you had hoped. If you need any help, please do not be afraid to ask!
Be blessed!

Update for Sunday, November 7th

Dear Church family and friends,

After our topic change to Luther and his “Five Soli“ last week, we are back to our series on Christ’s life and his teachings this Sunday. Specifically, we will find ourselves in Luke 16 verse 11, in which Jesus reports on the rich man and the beggar Lazarus and their relationship with God. To hear more on this, please join us on Sunday either virtually or at the FTH facilities at 11am.

Visiting us via our Zoom livestream from your own home couldn’t be easier – you just need to e-mail office@ibc-giessen.org for a link and keep your microphone on mute when the service starts.
Being part of our face-to-face congregation is also simple: you will need to wear a mask when walking around building as well as while singing. Please also keep in mind that physical distancing is still in place. There will be a sign-in sheet at the entrance which we do ask you to add your name to on arrival.

As autumn draws in, and it gets colder and maybe wetter, we pray that you are remaining sensible, healthy and safe. Be blessed in all that you do this week – and see you on Sunday!

Update for Wednesday, November 3rd

Dear Church family and friends,

On Sunday, the sanctuary where we meet was nearly at (COVID-safe) full capacity – it was brilliant to see so many of you there, as well as welcome lots of new visitors too! If you were not able to make it, or would like to listen again to Pastor Buddy’s sermon, you may do so by clicking on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVyJnjvn0CY

Our mid-week Zoom Bible Studies are also seeing lots of people getting involved too. The next one is tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd November 2021), when we will continue our journey through the book of Revelation. To join in, please e-mail Pastor Buddy or office@ibc-giessen.org for an invite.

We pray that you are having a blessed, healthy and safe week!

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